29 December 2010

Food We Eat: The House

The House Gastropub's Brunch Menu
If you've ever found yourself jonesin' for an amazing brunch late one Sunday morning, have we got the place for you. Friends, if you haven't yet experienced this heaven-on-a-plate that is The House's brunch menu, you're doing yourself a huge disservice. While Mallory's guilty of falling so deeply in love with the first thing she ordered there (The Robin!) that she refuses to try anything else, Justin has been extremely pleased with everything he's tried. 

Their menu consists of the things one would come to expect from brunch, but with added touches that take these dishes up at least a million notches. They've got 4 varieties of Benedicts, build-your-own omelets, pancakes, french toast, specialty breakfast drinks and lots more. And they don't skimp on the quality ingredients. 

The atmosphere is laid back and cool, located in one of Hillcrest's 100 year old houses. The House also serves dinner starting at 5:00, but the menu's changed a bit since we've been there in the evening, so we can't really speak to it. However we do know that if you're in the market for brunch, The House is the place to be.

The Cascade
Eggs scrambled with salmon, capers and more yummies.
Served with toast, fruit and potatoes.

English Muffin topped with chevre, eggs, bacon and cheddar.
Served with fruit and potatoes.

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28 December 2010

Rainbow Bright

Photo from Chic Lounge blog

What better way is there to burst out of the dark, gray days of winter than to do it sporting spring's brightly hued color blocks? 2011 will skip the all-too-familiar spring pastel palette in favor of a more highlighter-inspired one. If you're starting to hear the sounds of  A-ha and Duran Duran, don't panic-- the 80s are not coming back with this trend. There were no crazy patterns on the spring 2011 runways. This modern, updated look utilizes color-blocking, or wearing solid pieces in contrasting colors, and is surprisingly wearable.

Pencil Skirt, Anthropologie
Cowlneck Henley, Anthropologie

If you're thinking that the combination of contradictory colors is a little outside your comfort zone, you can get a similar look with just one pop of bright color. Lanvin made it super easy to jump on the bandwagon and Piperlime.com made that bandwagon super accessible!

Lanvin for H&M

Lanvin for H&M

Blue Strapless Dress, Piperlime.com
Fuchsia Ruffle Dress, Piperlime.com

The key to pulling the look off is to pair the intense shades with neutral accessories to anchor the outfit. Despite the title of this post, we don't want to be seen looking like a walking, talking rainbow. Stick to just one or two bright shades and keep the rest simple. The brights marry well with softer neutrals like navy, brown or gray. Black or white could make the outfit look a little harsh, if it's not thought out and well executed. 

Nicholas Kirkwood Pumps
Military Top, Anthropologie

This is only a tiny sample of what's available out there. Hopefully by the time springs rolls around you'll be able to find the perfect piece for you that brightens your day!

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You Can Find Art Anywhere.

This is an awesome video we found via the Eye Candy Blog at the Arkansas Times' website. The location is Allsop Park in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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Christmas Weekend Roundup

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas weekend and is making some good plans for the upcoming New Years Eve holiday! After taking a present-and-food-filled hiatus, we're back with a quick summary of some things you may have missed whilst decking the halls and watching for Santa.


Photo from CBSNews.com

Natalie Portman and now-fiance, Benjamin Millepeid, are expecting. The 29 year old actress met her future baby daddy when he was choreographing her most recent film release, Black Swan.  The baby is (obviously) due in 2011 and, if his/her parents are any indication, will probably be absolutely beautiful.

Kicking 'Em While They're Down
Photo from PopEater.com

If  there's anyone out there who thinks Lindsey Lohan's life isn't tragic enough, there's something new to add to her list of woes. Joan  Collins and Lydia Hearst are slated to star in a comedy inspired by her chaotic life.  The film, Dogs in Pocketbooks, tells the story of a starlet  and her Hollywood agent and will begin filming in February.

Photo from TheSuperficial.com
What's Sixty Years Difference?
Former playmate Crystal Harris is making an honest man out of Hugh Hefner, who proposed to his 24 year old girlfriend on Christmas day.  Apparently it takes more than being a playmate to become famous, and this takes the cake.  One has to wonder what Holly Madison thinks of the engagement, since she left Hef over his commitment issues (just watch a couple of reruns of The Girls Next Door to learn more).

Courtesy of filmshaft.com

We saw the latest Hollywood Blockbuster this weekend, Tron Legacy. It was neither horrible nor fantastic.  It takes plot elements from Star Wars IV A New Hope and Batman Begins (and some critics noticed).  If you like the French band Daft Punk you should definitely check it out, because they provide an awesome soundtrack to this laser light show.  Jeff Bridges is the best part of the film (you should check out the clip below). If you're like us and have a gift card, it's worth it.

Watch the full episode. See more American Masters.

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24 December 2010


We're busy for the weekend, be back Monday with something new!

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22 December 2010

What Happens at Home When the Zombie Plague Breaks Out?

We recently had the privilege of seeing a private preview screening of the new short film "Going to Hell" directed by Bruce Hutchinson.  It stars Kristy Barrington, Stephanie Olson and Joseph Reho and was shot here in Little Rock, Arkansas.  It's a fun, well-produced  film about a family dealing with one of their own possibly turning into a zombie, and it will probably get picked up at festivals across the nation.  Check out the stills below followed by the trailer!

Kristy Barrington as Hope

Stephanie Olson as Isabel

Kristy Barrington and Joseph Reho as Hope and Josh

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21 December 2010

Last Stop in Spoof City

While doing some last minute Christmas shopping today, we nabbed the third installment in Family Guy's Star Wars spoof trilogy, It's A Trap. If you haven't caught the first two films in this threesome, do yourself a favor and get a hold of them. Star Wars and Family Guy are a match made in fanboy (and pseudo-fangirl) heaven.

Despite Seth MacFarlane's efforts to convince us to "lower [our] expectations" for this final chapter, we agreed that it was just as much a hit as its predecessors, Blue Harvest and Something, Something, Something Dark Side. In true Family Guy tradition, this film was extremely self-aware and chock full of pop culture references. Nothing was off limits and as usual Seth Green is the brunt of quite a few jokes.

All of our favorite Family Guy characters reprise their roles as the all-too-well-known Star Wars crew.  For the first time in the spoofilogy characters from American Dad! and The Cleveland Show made appearances, including the bears as the Ewoks.  Patrick Stewart and Anne Hathaway even leant their voices to the cause. This one makes for a fun ride, and a quick romp through Return of the Jedi.  To the uninitiated all three of the films might be a little confusing, but also half the references in the entire Family Guy series might be confusing to those people.

It should be noted though that even those the movies are animated, and the show is on primetime, the language sometimes gets into the R-rated area, almost shockingly at times.  But even then these movies are lighthearted takes on the original Star Wars trilogy.  No word on if they're going to make the prequels.

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Watch It!

It being the end of the year, we thought we'd embrace the Top 10 List mania which always seems to spring forth each December. Before we commence the listing, we've got a couple of disclaimers. First off, a couple of the films on our lists technically came out in '09 but weren't widely released until 2010 so we're counting them in this year, because this is our blog and we make the rules! Second, we have, regrettably, not been as diligent as we should have about seeing movies this year. These lists should be taken with a grain of salt as they are by no means the be all end all on movies of 2010. They're our favorites of the films we've seen. There are plenty of awards-show frontrunners (The King's Speech, The Town and The Kids Are All Right just to name a few) that we can't speak to because we just haven't seen them yet. Basically, we ask that you don't judge us based on our selections. All right, enough excuses. Let's get to the lists!

Mallory's Top Films of 2010 
5. Inception
6. The September Issue
7. Iron Man 2
8. TiMER
9. Shutter Island
10. The Crazies

Justin's Top Films of 2010
10. TiMER 

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17 December 2010

Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Ballet?

After about 6 months of intense anticipation, we finally (finally!) saw Black Swan. We've been counting down the days since we first heard "Darren Aronofsky" and "Natalie Portman" spoken in the same sentence.  Hearing "Mila Kunis" and "psychological thriller" was just icing on the cake.  It's a story of extreme dedication, an overbearing mother, and just how far one would go to achieve perfection.  Paranoia and delusions fill this film, bringing to it at times almost Hitchcock-like levels of suspense.

Natalie Portman carries this film, appearing in most, if not every, scene.  It's been reported that she trained for a year to perform actual ballet in the film. That in itself is amazing, but it's the moments where she is actually happy where you feel as if the person on screen is actually feeling the emotions she is portraying, not just mimicking them.  She goes through a metamorphosis over the course of her film shedding her innocence and gaining confidence.

We were disappointed that Mila Kunis isn't in the film more.  She breaks through with this role, showing that she's more than just Jackie on That Seventies Show.  She has a natural sense about her, displaying a realistic portrayal of her character Lily.  She's the laid back foil to Portman's perfectionist Nina. Her ability as a dancer is natural and relaxed, and Nina is simultaneously drawn to her and jealous of her ability to lose herself in the dancing.  Kunis deserves the nominations she seems to be racking up.

Almost it's own character in the film, the camera is always moving, at times so much that if you're prone to motion sickness it might make you dizzy.  This dizziness is a proper fit with the dancing in this film.  This wouldn't be a film about ballet without mirrors, and they are utilized through out.  They split the characters into pieces, either in fractured mirrors, or with the caulking between two mirrors.  Splitting the White Swan and the Black Swan, sanity and madness.

The performances were great, the dancing was convincing and the story was good, if at times a little flat. Throughout much of the film the audience is left wondering whether what's happening on screen is actually occurring in this world or merely in Nina's increasingly overactive imagination. This eventually begs the question, "does a ballerina really need to develop a psychological disorder in order to perform well," or is that what makes this story so interesting? Is Aronofsky giving ballet neophytes a glimpse into the art or is he telling a tragic fabrication?

The performances are what make this film one of the best of 2010.  In fact it's got probably the best actual performances of any of the ones vying for awards.  Aronofsky has referred to this film as a "companion" to 2008's The Wrestler and we can definitely see where he would draw similarities between the two in both content and style. Both involve athletes pushing their bodies and minds to physical limits for the sake of entertainment.  In the end we highly recommend seeing this film of his.  It'll be interesting to see what he does with Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine, his first foray into mega blockbuster filmmaking.

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16 December 2010

The SAG Nominees

The Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations came out this morning and they show a few things about this year's awards season.  First off they tell us that SAG can spot a better performance than the Foreign Press Association as SAG gave two nods to True Grit for Jeff Bridges and Hailee Steinfeld.  The second is that Inception received no love from the actors. This actually isn't that surprising, since there aren't any breathtakingly amazing performances in the film.  The third is that it seems that Mila Kunis is really starting to take off as a respected actress.  We haven't seen Black Swan yet, but we will tomorrow and this makes us have even higher hopes for the film.

It looks like the Best Picture Oscar race is coming down to The Social Network and Black Swan.  Remember to check back Saturday for our review of Black Swan

Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture
"Black Swan"
"The Fighter"
"The Kids Are All Right"
"The King's Speech"
"The Social Network"
Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role
Jeff Bridges, "True Grit"
Robert Duvall, "Get Low"
Jesse Eisenberg, "The Social Network"
Colin Firth, "The King's Speech"
James Franco, "127 Hours"
Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role
Annette Bening, "The Kids Are All Right"
Nicole Kidman, "Rabbit Hole"
Jennifer Lawrence, "Winter's Bone"
Natalie Portman, "Black Swan"
Hilary Swank, "Conviction"
Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role
Christian Bale, "The Fighter"
John Hawkes, "Winter's Bone"
Jeremy Renner, "The Town"
Mark Ruffalo, "The Kids Are All Right"
Geoffrey Rush, "The King's Speech"
Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role
Amy Adams, "The Fighter"
Helena Bonham Carter, "The King's Speech"
Mila Kunis, "Black Swan"
Melissa Leo, "The Fighter"
Hailee Steinfeld, "True Grit"
Continue reading for the television awards

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14 December 2010

A Little Girl and The Dude: Out For Retribution

Joel & Ethan Coen's latest film, a remake of the 1969 True Grit, held a special place in our hearts before we even saw it. Being native Arkansans, we were anxious to see how the Coen brothers would treat a Western set in our home state. We were lucky enough to get to attend a preview screening a week before the film's theatrical release and we have to say the brothers did us proud (even though the film was actually shot in New Mexico).

Mallory doesn't have a terribly high tolerance for Westerns and therefore had fairly low personal expectations for this one. However she does tend to trust the Coen brothers and the atypical approach they often take to telling the stories of average people. This one tells the story of a little girl who enlists the help of a U.S. Marshal to aid in her quest to avenge her father's murder. While not greatly relatable to the average viewer, Mattie Ross- played by newcomer Hailee Steinfeld- solicits the sympathy of the audience early on. We want her to succeed. That sympathy can, in large part, be attributed to Steinfeld's performance. She comes across as intelligent and confident when in her element, but we're reminded that she's a young girl at various points during her adventure. Both sides of Mattie Ross were believable. 

Hailee Steinfeld as Mattie Ross
In fact, all of the performances were excellent. Jeff Bridges could pass as an Arkansan any time he needs to and Matt Damon was a convincing Texas Ranger.  For the first time in a movie that we can remember, the Arkansans don't sound like they're from Alabama or Georgia.  This wouldn't have happened if it weren't a Coen brothers film, as most of their films tend to have the correct dialects for the areas they take place.  Granted in No Country for Old Men Tommy Lee Jones grew up in the county the entire film takes place, but the other characters in their other films tend to have accurate accents.  The characters in the film rarely seemed to utter a single contraction.  It can be slightly distracting, and exceedingly proper, but we assume historically accurate.

It being a Coen brothers film, we expected some humor sprinkled throughout. However we were both surprised at the number of times we found ourselves, along with other audience members, laughing out loud. The witty remarks were well written, but also well delivered by the actors as they were often simply stating the obvious. Despite that most of the laughs derived from subtle sarcasm, the biggest outburst in our viewing was the result of Bridges' character, Rooster Cogburn, literally kicking a child off of a porch. This film was the closest we've seen the Coen brothers come to writing/directing a "feel good" movie, but at the same time it is a true Western, and not some hokey adventure.  There is little violence, but when it is there it is swift and visceral.

Jeff Bridges as Rooster Cogburn

True Grit is expected to be one of the ten nominees for Best Picture at the Academy Awards, and it quite possibly is one of the best films of the year (we have missed a few of the front runners).  Of all the films we have seen this year we'd both put it in our top 5.  We recommend you see this film, especially if you're Arkansan, but even if you're not you should still enjoy it.  Make sure to check back on Saturday for our review of Black Swan, it is finally coming to Little Rock!

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And the Nod Goes To...

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has made it's (preliminary) decision- the 2011 Golden Globe nominations are out! This precursor to the Academy Awards will air January 16, 2011 on NBC and with Ricky Gervais returning as our guide through the best of television and film, we should be in for a decent laugh or two.

If you're a fan of 30 Rock, you may remember the Hollywood Foreign Press Association as the group Tracy Jordan tried to bribe when his film, Hard To Watch: Based off the book "Stone Cold Bummer" by Manipulate, was nominated for Golden Globe. And while we don't know the ins and outs of how the process works, we do know that even during his cancer treatment, Michael Douglas was wining and dining the FPA...

Robert De Niro will be following in the footseps of Al Pacino, Michael Douglass, Steven Speilberg, Marin Scorsese in receiving the Cecile B. DeMille award for lifetime achievement. But enough chatter, let's get to the nominations!

Black Swan (2010)
Inception (2010)

Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy

Burlesque (2010/I)
Red (2010/I)

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama

Click below to see the rest!

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09 December 2010

Spinning Tops in Our Dreams

Two days ago one of the biggest films of the year hit the shelves on bluray and dvd.  We promptly acquired said movie. Upon second viewing of Christopher Nolan's Inception we came to the conclusion that it's still amazing.  The film is expected to be one of the ten nominees for Best Picture at this year's oscars, and deservedly so.  The locations are huge, the film is multilayered, and the acting is great.

The action set pieces are some of the most extraordinary seen to date, and the great thing is that they don't require a whole lot of visual effects to pull them off.  (We actually prefer that, even though we've written one of the most VFX heavy films ever to be shot in the state of Arkansas.)  Nolan could have gone multiple directions with the locations and sets of this film, since nearly the entire film is set within the dream world, but everything is surprisingly realistic.  Nolan is known for taking absurdity and making it believable (ever heard of a little franchise called Batman?). He and his cinematographer Wally Pfister have both stated their reluctance to move into the realm of 3D, because to them it seems more gimmicky.

Warning: this will shock some of the people who know Justin well, but he actually is beginning to like Inception more than The Dark Knight when it comes to directly comparing Nolan's films to each other. They differ in nature. The Dark Knight is a crime film dressed up as a superhero popcorn flick.  Inception is a sci fi, heist, inside a James Bond film.  It also took seeing Inception for Justin to admit that The Dark Knight does begin to drag near the end,  even though he still loves the film because, to him, Batman is the greatest American hero ever created.  Inception, in all its wordy wonder, keeps the mind working the entire film. If it's your first time to see it, we strongly suggest not taking your eyes off the screen until the credits roll. Really. When is it a dream and when is it not is something the viewers is constantly asking themselves.

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08 December 2010

A Blowin' Up Blog

Mallory here now. Being the newbie to blog-writing that I am, I often find myself checking out what the interweb has to offer in that vein. I've got to say, I've found a gem in blog form in StyleBy.Me by Anna Chatelain and Josh Clemence. This website has got more style in it's little pinky than an entire Macy's has in it's... self? That's a bold statement, but stick with me. Co-founded by one fantastically stylish lady with whom I had the pleasure of sharing a Kappa pledge class, it's touted as "A Local Lookbook." The concept is decidedly simple, yet unequivocally ingenious.

They ask the stylish patrons of Northwest Arkansas to submit photos of themselves  sporting what he or she reckons is a particularly dapper outfit, and they display these photos on their website for all the world to see. Of the many reasons this is a great idea, my favorite is the sheer inspiration that can ensue. It can make you look at the same ol' things that have been hanging in your closet since college in a totally new light. While I may not have the exact dress and belt I see in a photo, I could have a similar dress and belt that I would have never thought to put together on my own. Thanks StyleBy.Me for extending my wardrobe by one more ensemble! 

It can also great to have a peek what real people are wearing. Sometimes you can fully support a trend while still being a little afraid to sport it. If you're anything like me, sometimes seeing that one more girl approves can give you that extra boost of confidence to wear it with your head held high. 

They've also got a frequently updated blog, authored by a few different savvy ladies, each with her own style perspective. Their advice and tips are dead on and comprehensive enough that no matter what your style or body type, you're going to learn something. 

The discovery of this little treasure has been a huge eye-opener for me. If you've fallen into a style rut, which I admittedly had, this website might just be your saving grace. These two have provided us spectators a tool, and for that we should thank them!

P.S. If you're in NWA you'll definitely want to check it out for their advertisers. Mention the blog or print an ad from it and the boutiques who have sponsored the site will give you a discount!

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Decoding the Greatest Rapper Alive

Justin here.  After waiting two weeks and having Barnes & Noble put it on hold for me, I finally got my copy of one of the most anticipated books of 2010, Jay Z's Decoded.  Oprah put this book on her list of favorite things for her final season and I blame her for making me wait so long.

The book is several things in one.  Each chapter is laid out with stories of what it was like to be Shawn Carter growing up in the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn, what it was like to be fledgling rapper named Jay Z, and what it was like to be the success he is today.  It is followed by a selection of his songs that he feels best fit the message of that chapter.  The lyrics are laid out on the left hand side and the right hand side will decode the meanings behind some of his most famous rhymes.  It is chock full of color photographs hand chosen by Shawn Carter himself.

More after the jump.

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06 December 2010

Behind the Scenes of Europa, Arkansas's First 3D Narrative Film

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Vintage Movie Review: The Red Shoes

In preparation for the highly anticipated Black Swan, we watched what many critics consider to be the most influential ballet movie to date. (We were also biding our time since Black Swan hasn't actually been released in Little Rock yet.) Just about every review we've read for Darren Aronofsky's latest endeavor has made mention of the 1948 film, The Red Shoes.

While it isn't quite the psychological thriller we believe Black Swan to be, there are some moments of psychological distress.  The film is about a young ballerina named Victoria Page (Moira Shearer) who wants nothing more out of life than to dance.  She is discovered by Boris Lermontov the director of one of the most prestigious ballet companies in all of Europe, around the same time he discovers and hires a young composer, Julian Craster.

Boris and Vicky
It's a classic story for a classic film. Boris falls in love with Victoria and wants her all for himself/the ballet.  However he makes a point to tell her it's impossible to devote oneself fully to another person and dance.  At the same time Boris has asked Julian to rework and finish the incomplete score for the ballet "The Red Shoes."  The ballet, a Hans Christian Andersen fable, is about a girl who is given scarlet toe shoes by a devilish cobbler.  She then performs in her shoes, but is unable to stop dancing when the show ends and dances until she dies a tragic death.  

The show is a huge success, catapulting both Vicky and Julian to new levels of fame all across Europe.  This new found success also brings them closer together, leaving Boris jealous of their love.  Vicky always dancing, is unable to choose between dancing and Julian, the two loves of her life.  

The Red Shoes is a huge film.  A British production shot primarily in the south of France in and around Monte Carlo, it's a beautiful film with lavish ballet productions.  It can be slow from time to time. We suggest taking a nap during the 25 minute scene in which the story fades into a dancing tangent. But the ballet is real and the dancers are professionals.  It's also a 1948 case study of obsession versus love. Following ones dream and just settling for a "normal life."  The turning point in this film centers around a production of "Swan Lake," just as much as we can tell Black Swan does.  Both films are centered around young ballerinas whose obsession with dancing causes the rest of their lives to spin out of control.  But this is a film about the power and importance of art and giving everything for it.  The ballet of "The Red Shoes" is only performed once, because it was pure before Julian and Vicky fell in love, it was their peak artistry.

White Swan
Black Swan

Martin Scorsese oversaw the restoration of the film at UCLA and it can be found on Netflix Streaming.  If you plan on seeing Black Swan as soon as it gets to your city, we reccomend watching this film in the meantime to look for it's influences.

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02 December 2010

The Sound of Music to Our Ears

Since both of our jobs require us to be slaves to the computer screen, we both typically make good use of grooveshark.com. If you're not familiar with the site, we strongly suggest that you enlighten yourself. It's an online archive of just about every song known to man - and it's free. With grooveshark, you don't have to commit to actually buying a new album before you know if you're going to like it. You can just search the album and create a playlist with all of it's songs. In fact, it made this post on Kanye West's new album possible. So now that you know how we get our music, here's what we've each been listening to this week.

Mallory's Playlist
The Beatles were pro-Christmas
Now that Thanksgiving's no longer standing between me and Christmas, I feel fully justified in having an all Christmas-song playlist even though we're only two days into December. I guess I've outgrown Christmas carols and I get bored with the crooners singing the classics. The past couple of years I've found myself drawn to what the classic rock genre has to offer. 

  • "Please Come Home For Christmas" The Eagles
  • "Merry Christmas, Baby" Bruce Springsteen
  • "Santa Baby" Madonna
  • "The Little Drummer Boy" Bob Seger
  • "Thank God it's Christmas" Queen
  • "Wonderful Christmastime" Paul McCartney
  • "Happy Christmas (War is Over)" John Lennon & Yoko Ono
  • "Christmas All Over Again" Tom Petty

Thin Lizzy was pro-Leprechaun
Justin's Playlist
So my playlist is more just regular music, but with a couple of Christmas songs to boot.  If there are any that might be explicit I'll mark those in red.  You've actually probably already heard one of these songs recently in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. It's really a mix of old and new songs, but all are songs I'm listening to quite a bit at the moment.

  • "Doggin' Around" Michael Jackson
  • "Cowboy Song" Thin Lizzy
  • "Dark Fantasy" Kanye West
  • "Radioactive" Cee Lo Green
  • "O Children" Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
  • "I Pray on Christmas" Harry Connick Jr.
  • "Oh Holy Night" Apocalyptica
  • "Jailbreak" Thin Lizzy
We thought we'd also pass along this link to the top 10 best albums of the year according to KCRW the biggest radio station out of Los Angeles.

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01 December 2010

Feather Me This...

I've got one word for you. That word is "feathers." Ok, bear with me here ("me" being Mallory). I'm not talking about the ones that stick out of your pillow that are more painful than relaxing, and I'm certainly not talking about Big Bird. The feathers I'm referring to are the ones dangling elegantly from the hem of a dress or adorning a pair of pumps. I'm talking about feathers that make you feel like your tank top is a little more special than the three pack of undershirts your dad bought at Target. I'm talking about Fall 2010. What's that you say? You want to see examples? Well I just so happen to have some- with links to where you can find them. 

Top Shop Capelet
Givenchy Tank

Plenty of celebrities, from Jennifer Lopez and Madonna to Anne Hathaway and Blake Lively, have embraced the look. One pint sized celebrity duo has even added them to some garments in their clothing line. Cast your eyes upon this lovely little number from Mary Kate and Ashley's line, Elizabeth and James.

Elizabeth and James Blazer

My personal style philosophy is that the difference between a good outfit and an ultra-spectacular outfit is the addition of a little risk. That said, I'm aware that not everyone feels that way. If you fall into the second category, there are plenty of more subtle options out there. Try testing the waters with a feather charm or barely-there embellishments. Even a feather clutch could look like just a textured fabric before you get a close up view. 

Gap Necklace

Christys of London Bowler Hat

Coach Clutch
Maison Martin Marglela Clutch

Of course, in the spirit of saving the best for last, I have well...saved my favorites (aka the best!) for last. These last two are, sort of, to die for. Either paired with a collared shirt would make an excellent Christmas party ensemble. 

Top Shop Skirt

Rebecca Taylor Dress

Even if you don't happen to find that perfect-for-you feathered piece, you can still support the 2010 feather movement. Check out my personal contribution!

All the feathers shown can be found in Hobby Lobby's floral department.

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