31 July 2011

Stay Tuned... True Blood Season 4 Episode 6

Justin: I think we're going to get this started so...


Justin:  So this episode really showcased Sam Trammell's acting talent.  Sam Trammel is Sam Merlot, and when Sam's brother Tommy shifted into Sam this showed through.  It's really probably some of the best acting I've seen in a while.  A comparison can be made to Helena Bonham Carter in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Part II when she is portraying Hermione as Bellatrix LeStrange, but I'd actually say that Trammel did a better job than her.

Mallory: Look at how humble he is, not even throwing it in our faces that he predicted that Tommy would gain the ability to shift into humans. I kind of hate that he messed up the potentially good thing Sam had going on though. Speaking of relationships going sour, Tara was able to save hers in this episode. Only to have Pam show up at the end an do her darnedest to wipe her out. I guess we can finally see where that conflict will come into play and actually make sense. We can finally understand why someone is actually mad at Tara.  

Justin:  That's true.  I'm also very glad that Jason isn't werepanther, and I think you are too.  Finally, we have a normal human (for now).  I'm glad.  Also now that he's not a supernatural, now there's ghosts and spirits and possessions.  But it looks like Arlene's fear isn't quit coming true.   Who was that young woman that was waving to her baby and saved it from the fire?  Speaking of the fire, I don't know how I feel about Andy Bellefleur dating that witch waitress lady (I can't remember her name).

Mallory: Seeing the waving lady probably made me more interested than I've been in Arlene/Terry/baby's story. Gotta have something to do with that doll, yeah? The lady seemed benevolent and the baby likes her, so why did she set their house on fire (if it was her who did it)? I agree, Andy doesn't really deserve a love interest. Is that mean? I don't care, he's gotten mean and I don't like him anymore. I do, however, like Eric and Sookie and I do like that Bill let Eric go when he realized that Eric had true feelings for Sookie. I still don't like Bill though. 

Justin:  I guess the main thing we haven't spoken about is Marnie and Lafayette and Jesus.  Marnie's now possessed, so she can actually be a villain instead of some weird victim.  Also I'm more interested in what's going on with Lafayette now.  Who knows.  Overall I enjoyed the episode, and I do feel like it's getting better.  We'll see how it goes again. We forgot to talk about Alseed and the werewolf pack in Shreveport.  I think the pack leader is Sam's GF's ex husband.  Something tells me.  We shall see!

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29 July 2011

Quick Hit: Avengers Teaser

You most likely saw this after the end of Captain America: The First Avenger last weekend.  If not, here's the first teaser for next summer's epic The Avengers.

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Quick Hit: First Trailer for Red Tails

Thought Star Wars was George Lucas' baby?  Red Tails is something he's been trying to get made for over twenty years.  Check out the trailer!

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28 July 2011

Dance Craze?

Are you worried that your dance moves might not stand out enough at those summer wedding receptions? Do you want to impress that chick you met last week at Pizza Hut? Thinking about auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance? Have we got a dance for you. We've learned how to Move it Like Berney and will definitely be busting this move asap. Everywhere there's music. Maybe some places where there's not.

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Harrison Ford Reunites with Chewbacca

Warning some of this language isn't safe for work.  This is from last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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Stay Tuned... True Blood Season 4 Episode 5

Justin:  Sorry for the delay on this post, we've been busy with a few other things and just last night watched this week's episode.


Justin:  So it sure does seem quite a few of my predictions have come true thus far.  Tommy killed his mom, therefore he will be able to shift into a human. Got that one right!  Jason is becoming interested in Jessica! Two!  I'm trying to remember what else, but I'm sure there's something.

Mallory: You did have an inkling that something would come of the Bellfleur chick. And speaking of- eww. What kind of weirdy wants to keep a relationship going with her great-great-great-ad nauseam-grandfather? It doesn't matter how many greats are in there, that's just sick. Weirdy.

Justin: Speaking of that, I can't help but think that's going to come back to haunt Bill.  You can't just glamor one of the more influential people in all of Bon Temps to runaway screaming anytime she sees you without that messing things up.  So we got to see what happens when a Fairy interacts with a witch, and even though Sookie could hear Gran in the mind of Marnie it still seems like something crazier should have happened, also how did she get back to her store after being left in the woods by Tara, Lafayette and Jesus? 

Mallory: On her broomstick? You know what else didn't make sense? Tara and Sookie's confrontation at the end. Would a reasonable person really get mad and start yelling in that situation like Tara did? Wouldn't Tara just ask Sookie to explain to her why Eric was living in her house instead of accusing her of terrible things and storming out? Also, why wouldn't Sookie just tell her Eric lost his memory? Tara, Lafayette and Jesus are all freaked out trying to figure out how to deal with their "the vampire wants to kill us" situation when the vampire doesn't actually want to kill them. Sookie could be the good friend who swoops in, tells her everything's fine and saves that trio a lot of frustration (and trips to Mexico).

Justin: You're right about that.  However it some ways it seems like this season has mostly been about Lafayette and Jesus, instead of of Sookie.  Except there was a major development with the Sookie plotline.  Looks like things are starting with her and Eric (Oh and it looks like Bill is going to catch them in the act).  And speaking of Bill, how is he able to have all those paramilitary humans on staff?  That's really more of a technical thing.  Also it seems that Arlene and Terry are there just to be clowns now.  The scene with Tara's mom and her preacher husband seemed real silly to me.

Mallory: I like the Eric/Sookie development. As he is now, Eric is a much more likeable character than Bill. In fact, I wouldn't miss Bill if he were gone. I'm not missing the werepanthers either. The current Jason-Jessica-Hoyt thing is easier for me to get into.

Justin:  Yeah but the werepanther thing will be back next episode.  That witch waitress made note of the full moon being "tomorrow night" to Sookie at Merlot's and Jason overheard and freaked out and left.  I am guessing he's a werepanther or something.  You have to wonder if he is a werepanther, that his offspring will the carry both the fairy gene and the werepanther gene, and create mindreading wondercats.  Anyway, we'll let Mallory close this post out!

Mallory: The consensus seems to be that the season is getting better. A lot of viewers were unhappy with the first few episodes and the issue of "everyone being a something." The writers seem to finally be backing that up with some compelling stories. Hopefully this trend will continue.

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27 July 2011

Behind the Scenes...

Last night we had the opportunity to be a part of something pretty amazing. What was it? A SECRET. (Not our secret, or we would have told you already...) But worry not-- we will definitely keep you updated, because this is something you'll appreciate no matter who you are.

But for now, here are a few hints...

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26 July 2011

70 Years of Captain America

If you're a superhero-genre-neophyte like me (Mallory), you may not realize just how much there is to some of these characters' history. Luckily for us, a user introduced Have You Been There to this super handy infographic that Military VA Loan put together to show us laymen how our most patriotic hero has evolved over the years. Thanks, Jessica, for this enlightening timeline!

Captain America Infographic
Via: Military VA Loan
Click image to enlarge

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Bjork Has a New Video

While we know Bjork isn't really for everyone, some people will be excited to know she has reteamed with Michel Gondry for her latest music video, off her upcoming album.

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25 July 2011

Captain America Review

So this weekend we saw Captain America: The First Avenger.  While the first Iron Man is- in our opinions- probably the best Avengers film so far, this film was definitely a patriotic treat.

Somewhat of a Cinderella story that involves beating up Nazis (what's not to love about that?), Captain America tells the story of young Steve Rogers, a scrawny kid from Brooklyn desperate to serve his country in World War II.  After trying multiple times to enlist, but never passing the physical, Rogers decides to try one last time (at an early 40's Stark Expo).  Here a Dr. Erskine (Stanley Tucci) approaches Rogers about a special program he might qualify for.

While all of the acting was well done, the best thing about this movie is Chris Evans' performance as Steve Rogers. He's a great character because he already had a convincing "superhero" mentality before he actually became one. He was the type of guy who truly wanted to do right and was by no means a giver-upper (yeah, I said it, what of it?).  When asked if he wanted to go kill Nazi's he says, "I don't want to kill anyone, I just don't like bullies."  You can't help but feel good about the guy.

While the villain, Red Skull, should have been a little more fleshed out, he was the most directly equal (in terms of super powers) to Captain America than the other Avengers' nemesis.  Thankfully this form served more as an adventure story in the vein of Indiana Jones than just an extended trailer for next summer's The Avengers.  There's even a great romance subplot in this film, and we both hope it will get picked back up in either The Avengers or the inevitable Captain America 2 (which is something Thor sadly lacked).  The only issues we had with the film were some visual effects scenes that looked like they were out of Lois & Clark: the New Adventures of Superman.

While this film is definitely not up to par with The Dark Knight it's still definitely worth the ticket price.  Plus stay after the credits for the first teaser trailer for The Avengers.  It's great to see all three heroes in one place.  As an added bonus we'll include the just released concept art.  Did you like this post? Follow us on Facebook!

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24 July 2011

Stay Tuned... Entourage Season 8 Episode 1

Justin:  So this is the first season I've actually watched Entourage as it came on the air.  This is going to take some getting used to.  I usually wind up watching an entire season in a weekend, kind of like having an extended movie.  So now that I can't, I don't know how to appreciate Entourage the same way.


Our friend Bobby complained a lot about this past season and how depressing it got, with Vince's downward spiral into cocaine addiction and everyone in the show being separated for most of their story lines.  It seems this season the producers have decided to remedy some of the "problems" of last season. Vince is now out of rehab, E and Sloan are no more, Mrs. Ari has started seeing someone else now that she and Ari have separated, Turtle's girlfriend is off touring as the spokesman for their tequila company, and Johnny Drama is just himself.  The thing is, everyone's back together.  The boys.

It's back to square one, Vince still has a movie he gets to shoot months from now, but it's still there.  Now he has a bad idea for a movie, but it just happens to be okay for a movie of the week.  Drama is super paranoid that Vince is going to relapse and no one really knows how to have a good time.  Jeremy Piven's Ari has the most compelling story this episode, always picking his up early from school every Monday because he keeps faking an illness.  He's ready to end the trial separation he's been going through with Mrs. Ari, but she is already seeing someone.  By the end of the episode he is nursing a glass of fake vodka and crying as his world is seemingly falling apart.  The Ari Gold we've all come to know is someone you would think would explode in a tirade at his wife when he finds out she is seeing someone, instead it's a controlled silence.  Jeremy Piven again proves why Ari Gold is one of the best characters on television. 

Everything else in the episode revolves more around Vince's post rehab sobriety and half his friends trying to figure out how to have fun without their vices.  I think the most interesting aspect of this whole story line is the idea of Vince directing Johnny in a tv movie of the week about his idea.

A few things I don't think I care for include Eric and Sloan breaking up, Turtle being super skinny, and I think that's about it.  Now that Turtle inadvertently burnt down Vince's house, which they all planned on moving into, it's going to be interesting to see everyone start over.  We'll probably see next week!

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22 July 2011

Teaser Trailer for the Little Rock 48 Hour Film Project

Remember you can register your team here.

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21 July 2011

Viral Campaign Begins for Elysium

Neil Blomkamp directed 2009's fantastic Distric 9 (Let it be known that Mallory saw this film more than Justin) and his follow up film is called Elysium.  This weekend at comic-con the first pieces of the viral marketing campaign appeared with this video.

Interesting, huh? It is reminiscent of the HALO 3 commercials Blomkamp directed in preparation for his ill-fated Halo feature.

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20 July 2011

Quick Hit: Teaser Poster for The Avengers

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Peter Jackson's 3rd Production Blog for the Hobbit

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I miss you

Busy borrowed from here
 You know how sometimes you have so many things going on in your life like fixing new houses and wedding dress fittings and contact lists and powerpoints that you don't have a spare second to write on your blog (or even get your nasty 2" roots highlighted)? Don't you hate when it gets that way?  When do the things slow down? While I know some of you out there thrive on being busy, I'm not the type of person who enjoys having a packed schedule.

I'm also not the type of person who enjoys having lost her camera battery and along with it the ability to do fun outfit and recipe posts. But then again, even if the battery were not lost there would still be no time to make said posts. I haven't even had time to wear a fun outfit lately. Or make any recipes, for that matter.

I guess the bottom line here is that I miss you, blog and blog readers. I really hope we can get together soon.

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Quick Hit: Teaser Trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man

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Quick Hit: Trailer for Rebirth

This looks to be one of the most inspiring films of the year.  Check out the trailer for Rebirth which covers the lives of survivors and victims' families of 9/11.

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19 July 2011

Quick Hit: New Poster for Take Shelter

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18 July 2011

Quick Hit: First Trailer for The Dark Knight Rises

For those of you who didn't make it out to Harry Potter this weekend, here's the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises.

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Stay Tuned... True Blood Season 4 Episode 4


Justin:  Well after last week's awesomely hilarious episode this week's was bound to disappoint a little. Probably the best thing, was that Bill's new girlfriend turns out to be his great great great grandaughter.  Who knew Vampire relationships would have such consequences.  I don't think anyone would have really cared for her as his new girlfriend for too long anyway.  But let's get back to the beginning.  At the end of last week's Eric killed Sookie's fairy godmother (which it turns out didn't happen that way in the books we learned).  It's really funny to see Eric drunk off of fairy blood.  Now that I think about it, there actually was a lot that happened in this episode.

Mallory: Sookie seems to be relying quite a bit on Alcide for help with managing all these supernaturals in her life. Does that relationship seem forced to anyone else? I guess it was last season that they became friends, but the fact that they suddenly care so much for each other isn't very convincing to me. The writers seem to be confusing a crush with a true relationship. I'm still a fan of "lost-memory" Eric. He's so pure and sweet and I think it's cute that Sookie has taken it upon herself to keep him safe. I wouldn't mind if he stayed this way and those two got together. Is that wrong? Speaking of him staying this way, is it really necessary for these witches to try to reverse whatever spell they put on him? If Pam weren't putting the pressure on them to "fix" him, would anyone really have a problem with him remaining the confused version of himself?

Justin: I think Pam (and I guess Bill would if he knew) are really the driving force behind doing that.  It does seem that the evil witch spirit residing in the lead witch (I've already forgotten her name) is really able to take on vampires.  I'm glad that Jason was able to escape the silly werepanthers.  We'll see if he actually is one, but it does seem like his story is finally moving forward.  It seems like he's beginning to get interested in Jessica, especially when she gave him her blood.  But was that just him falling off the wagon with his first taste of V in 3 years or was he just suddenly interested in Jessica?  I see troubles brewing between Jason and Hoyt.

Mallory:  I completely forgot about that with Jason and Jessica! That might bring about some interesting conflict. But then again, would he really be interested in her or would it just be the V talking? Speaking of Jessica, that doll she gave Arlene's baby popped up again. Do we think that her baby really is evil, or is it that he's just in possession of that evil baby doll? It really could go either way. The "not your baby" message on the wall came right after Terry gave the baby a talk about his family ("that's your mother, I'm your daddy" etc.) So was the message on the wall a response from the baby saying, "Um, no dude, you're not my daddy. I'm not your baby" or was it the evil doll saying "I'm not yours! I'm supposed to belong to Jessica!"

Justin:  I'm not sure, but I bet it gets Terry to start believing Arlene when she says the baby's evil.  There's a couple of things we haven't talked about.  One Sam and Tommy's storyline.  Tommy's been captured by his parents again, and is going to (we assume) be forced back into shifting into a dog for dog fights.  Sam is trying to date that lady-shifter who can turn into a person (but I hope can you remember her name, because I sure can't).  She's got a daughter, and it was nice seeing Sam play with her, but that little girl's daddy is some werewolf, that isn't too happy that he's split up with What's-Her-Name.  The other thing I want to touch on is the Tara/Lafayette/Jesus and the Witch storyline.  It was a little too much of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer rip off when they were all looking through spell books trying to figure out a way to get Eric's memory back.  That's one of my main problems with the whole show, there are a lot of aspects that seem like rip offs.  The second season itself ripped off the 4th season of Angel.  I think that about covers it all.  Seacrest Out.

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16 July 2011

Continuing With an End

Nine months ago our first post on this blog was about part 1 of the final installment of the Harry Potter film series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  Part 2 already the best reviewed of the Potter films, with a 97% on RottenTomatoes.com as of this post.  It's great, it's filled with action, but all of the action seems purposeful and not just for the sake of action.  If you're a fan of the books and the movies you're absolutely going to love this film (even with a pretty huge omission or two).

This film picks up IMMEDIATELY where part 1 left off.  Voldemort has stolen the Elderwand from Dumbledore's grave and is set on destroying Harry.  You may or may not remember from part one the curly strand of hair that falls onto Hermione while Bellatrix is torturing her.  Harry, Ron and Hermione set out, with the use of a little polyjuice, to break into Gringots and into Bellatrix's vault to steal one of the last of Voldemort's Horcruxes.  Thus begins the roller coaster ride.  All seven films prior to this take place over the course of a school year in our characters' lives (even Deathly Hallows 1), so it's kind of amazing that this entire film seems to take place over the course of 24 hours.

That 24 hours reminds you of the last ten years you've spent in the wizarding world, and even showed Professor Sprout again (she hasn't been seen since the second film).  A lot of people will compare this film to The Return of the King, mostly just because that's the culmination of the other big fantasy series of the past ten years, but check this out,  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II is a better film.  Maybe it's because we've already had 15 cinematic hours with these characters as they grew, maybe it's because more of us have read the books, but this final film just feels more connected to us.

It was great to see Maggie Smith as Professor McGonagall take the lead of all the supporting characters in the final battle against Voldemort.  Mallory pointed out that in some sense this is a film all about mothers.  Harry's mom, Ron and Ginny's mom, Draco Malfoy's mom, they all play large roles, even McGonagall has served as a motherly figure to these characters for the past ten years (well, seven in their fictional minds).  While we didn't notice it while reading the book, the film crammed it all into a shorter period. It seems as though J.K. Rowling was making a commentary on the relationship between mothers and their children.

We've got conflicting feelings on the subject of Snape's benevolence/wickedness revelation. Throughout the entire series the reader or viewer wonders whether Snape really is good or bad. While his true loyalties are revealed in this final installment, Mallory thought the explanation for his inconsistent behavior was unclear from watching the movie alone whereas Justin thought that subject was handled well. However having both read the books and already knowing the outcome to this series-long mystery, we might not be the best ones to be commenting on that subject.

So in conclusion, if you're a fan or just a person who's seen every movie, you should definitely go see it (most likely you already have).  It's bound to set the record for biggest opening of a film, but it seems like films do that all the time.  We'll probably go see it again not only because it's good, but because this is our last opportunity to see it in the theater.  However, most likely we'll just see the 2D version.

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14 July 2011

Quick Hit: Trailer for Scorsese's Latest Film, Hugo

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Stay Tuned... Glee 3D Movie Trailer

There has been a lot of big news today!  Here's the trailer for the Glee 3D Live Action Concert Movie Film.

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Quick Hit: Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy

Entertainment Weekly has a new photo from next year's The Amazing Spider-Man and it shows us Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy (Peter Parker's first love).  Check it out below:

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Stay Tuned... Glee's Graduates!

AP photos borrowed from here

Alright Gleeks, are you prepared to say farewell to McKinley high's class of graduating seniors? According to big boss man, Ryan Murphy, the coming season of the show will be the senior year for at least three of our favorite characters. However he also said to The Hollywood Reporter that Finn, Rachel and Kurt won't be the only ones to say adieu at the end of this third season. Without naming any more names, Murphy slyly mentioned that "more characters are leaving than staying."

And juuuuust in case you were holding out for a cameo or two, he's already smashed those dreams too. In the interview he said that the graduating characters will not make appearances in season four. He told THR that  "you can keep them on the show for six years and people will criticize you for not being realistic, or you can be really true to life and say when they started the show they were very clearly sophomores and they should graduate at the end of their senior year.”

Photo borrowed from here
So with so many characters getting geared up for graduation what will season four focus on? Why college of course. The writers are already coming up with story lines, some of which include parents, for the various graduates' post high school plans. The focus on Rachel doesn't seem to be fizzling either. Murphy said “I’m much more interested in Lea’s character -- not so much on her relationship with Finn, but more on what her dreams are beyond high school and how she plans on getting them.”

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Stay Tuned... Emmy Nods

Best Supporting Actor Nominee - Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones
 The Emmy nominations are out this morning, and there aren't really any big surprises, except for possibly Friday Night Lights.  It seems that fans have been demanding it be recognized for years (we haven't seen it).  Fans of The Walking Dead might be disappointed, but they are probably in the same fan base of Game of Thrones.  Here's the list below!

Outstanding Comedy Series

Outstanding Drama Series

Outstanding Miniseries or Made for Television Movie

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie


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For our editor friends...


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12 July 2011

Stay Tuned... Breaking CSI News

We don't actually watch CSI (except for occasional episodes directed by Quentin Tarantino), so it's rare that we'll even talk about the show on here.  There is a difference this time.  Part-time Arkansan Ted Danson has just signed on to take over the lead spot on the show.  He's replacing Lawrence Fishburn who replaced the original guy.  Hope you CSIers love this news! 

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Mid-Afternoon Cool: Acapella Star Wars Scene

Check this out.  It's the big fight scene from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and someone has gone and redubbed it.  Hilarious.

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Two Worlds Collide

Doesn't it look like he was going for a high five here and she totally jilted him?
 As you know, Will and Kate made a stop in L.A. for a few days on their "we're officially fabulous married" meet-and-greet world tour. I don't know if Charles and Di did anything similar following their nuptials, but it's super cool that this young duo thought it necessary to visit Hollywood, you know, for ...work? Royal work. So who were their "meetings" with? Why the Hollywood elite, of course. Prepare to have your mind blown.

Wills with J.Lo
Wills and Nicole Kidman

Kate with Tom Honks and Rita Wilson
 Are you ready for this?

Prince William with James Brolin and BARBRA STREISAND!
 All of the photos above were borrowed from LA's Guest of a Guest.com!

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11 July 2011

Quick Hit: First Poster for The Dark Knight Rises

You can bet we'll definitely be seeing this in an IMAX theater. 

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Quick Hit: Riddler Trailer for Arkham City

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This is it! 4 Days until Harry Potter Ends!

Warner Brothers has released a cool five minute recap of all the films in the Harry Potter series.  It's cool to see how they get darker and darker.  Check it out!

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10 July 2011

Stay Tuned... True Blood Season 4 Episode 3


Justin: Well how about that!  I'd say that episode 3 was a little bit better (at least funnier) than the previous episode.  So Eric didn't kill Sookie at the beginning of the episode, but he does seem to be telling the truth with his memory loss at the hands of the witches.  

Mallory: The humor is one thing this show usually has going for it (Eric mistakenly calling Sookie "Snooki," for example). Thankfully this week's episode did bring Sookie back into prominence (last week I started to worry that she would become irrelevant this season). With Eric all loopy from his encounter with the witches, Sookie was the first to come to his rescue. Though I was surprised that her reaction to finding out his memory was gone was to boss him around. She was lucky that memory-erased Eric is childlike and trusting rather than thirsty and merciless, like one might be inclined to believe vampire intuition might entail. 

Justin: Yeah, but he seems to remember some of the vampire "rules" like people "belonging" to an individual vampire, etc.  There are actually two things I liked about this episode.  Bill and Jessica's father/daughter relationship and how he does genuinely care about her well being.  The other thing was the apparently haunted baby doll.  I hope that comes into more prominence.  It's also interesting to see that Bill is a no-nonsense ruler who will have a vampire killed for making a mistake, even if it wasn't that vampires fault.  Pretty hardcore.  But back to that baby doll, I bet the fact that Jessica gave it to Arlene's baby and he potentially being evil will have some consequences.  Also, I don't really care that Andy is addicted to V.

Mallory: It was a little surprising to see Bill act to ruthlessly. On the other hand he does want to always cast vampires in the best light possible. He does seem to be one that most humans who encounter him trust. Speaking of humans and Bill, did anyone (other than Justin) see that whole thing with Portia Bellefleur coming? On another note, I don't care about Andy's V addiction either and for that matter, I still don't care what's going on with Jason. It seems like every season Jason has his own separate story which involves him with some girl who gets him into something crazy (taking V in season 1, a dangerously hyper-religious "group" in season 2 and now... werepanthers...).  It's getting old. 

Justin:  I kind of wouldn't be surprised if Jason dies this season.  I also think that Sam and Tommy are going to get into some trouble, potentially with their mom, that will allow one or both to shift into humans.  I think one of the best things going for this season is the increased amount of time Pam has been given.  Her dry delivery of everything she says usually cracks me up (but I also wouldn't be surprised if some sort of relationship forms between her and Tara).  I do wonder what Charlaine Harris book Sookie was reading right before her fairy godmother showed up (did anyone else catch that?).  It really made me laugh that Eric killed Sookie's fairy godmother.  I trust the vampires more than I trust these fairy people.  The one thing we haven't talked about was the lead witch (for those of you who haven't figured it out, she's Mrs. Dursley in the Harry Potter movies).  She seems to have channeled some old witch's spirit.  I wonder what the witches have to do with the fairies.  That was a lot of stuff.

Mallory: Those of you who have never had the pleasure of attending a movie with Justin should know one thing: he has an uncanny ability to ruin the story. It's insane. Any prediction that he makes has at least a 72% chance of happening, so just reading his thoughts on future episodes are kind of like reading a spoiler. That said, I'm not sure why he thinks the witches have something to do with the fairies... I do agree though, this was the best ending to an episode of this show I can remember. Eric's reaction to having killed Sooki's fairy godmother was a bit priceless. 

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08 July 2011

So You Want to be a Filmmaker...

Image by Levi Agee

Well, has the Little Rock Film Festival got an opportunity for you. If you haven't heard, registration for the 48 Hour Film Project is now open.  What's the 48 Hour Film Project, you ask? The whole point is that teams of filmmakers compete to make the best possible 5 to 7 minute films in 48 hours.  That means writing, producing, editing, and getting them turned in all in less than 48 hours.  Sound difficult?  Well to add another level of difficulty each team has to draw the genre of film it's making out of a hat at the beginning of the 48 hours!  On top off all of that each team's film must include a specific line of dialogue, a character, and a specific prop.  Talk about a challenge!  Everyone who's into film in Little Rock should definitely give it a shot! It just might be your first steps toward an Oscar. Register here!

And if you're more into film watching than filmmaking, be sure to come to the screenings August 27, 28 and 29 at the Argenta Community Theater!

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Update: Take Shelter Gets Release Date

UPDATE:  Take Shelter is getting a limited release September 30th before going wide on October 7th!  Check out our interview with director Jeff Nichols at the Little Rock Film Festival here.

We have to thank the folks over at Collider.com for this one.  Take Shelter the Sundance hit directed by Arkansas native Jeff Nichols is set to be released in theaters October 7th, just in time for the beginning of awards season.  We are super stoked about seeing this one (if you've read our About Us page then you know that Justin worked on Nichols' debut film Shotgun Stories).  As more information becomes available, including the trailer and posters we'll try to be the first to let you know!  The film stars Michael Shannon who was just recently cast as the villainous General Zod in Man of Steel.  Shannon was also the lead in Shotgun Stories and was nominated for an Academy Award for Revolutionary Road.

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07 July 2011

Quick Hit: The Dwarves of The Hobbit!

Hat tip to Levi Agee on this one!

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06 July 2011

Pinteresting Home Ideas

I've mentioned before that I get a lot of inspiration from pinterest. Now that Justin and I are in the process of buying our first house (we close next week!), I've found myself very drawn to pins that fall under the "home decor" category. I've been a casual watcher of HGTV for several years now and have always made mental notes of what home styles I did and didn't like. However now that we're facing the real deal the pressure is on. My attitude toward furniture and interior photos has changed from "oh that's fun" to "maybe we could do something similar in our home." I have no idea how ours will turn out, but here are a few of the best things (big and small) that I've run across!

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#LRFF2011 - Official Trailer for DAMN!

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05 July 2011

#LRFF2011 - DAMN! Gets a Write-Up on Mashable.com

DAMN! The documentary film which made it's world premiere at the Little Rock Film Festival this year is featured on Mashable.com.  If you recall the filmmakers won our Best Dressed of the Fest Award.  On top of that the documentary, which focuses on the rise to fame of Jimmy McMillan the NY gubernatorial candidate for the Rent is 2 Damn High party, was also nominated for the Golden Rock for Best Documentary.  It is a fascinating look into the idea of fame, and is beautifully shot.  In the coming days we'll have our interview with the filmmakers for you to see.  For more LRFF coverage click here.

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03 July 2011

Stay Tuned... True Blood Season 4 Episode 2

Justin: Well we watched episode 2 of True Blood early on HBOGO (which if as an HBO customer you should definitely use).  I want to start out by saying this episode was much better than last week's.  It seems we got into the actual story of this season.  So Mallory's going to start off.


Mallory: I have to admit I was more engaged this week than last. Each story began to play out a little more which made me a little more interested... in most of them. I'll get to that later, but I guess the biggest surprise to me was seeing Bill with another woman. I felt more hurt for Sookie than she seemed to be when she walked in and saw the intimacy for herself. I get that she's mad at him for various reasons, but in her mind she was only gone a few minutes and he's already found himself an understudy. I don't care how mad you are, being replaced so quickly would get more of a reaction than that out of any girl. And while we're at it, if Bill was so heartbroken over Sookie's disappearance (like Jessica claimed) how is it that he was able to give up on her so quickly? Surely 13 months of searching for the love of your life is nothing to a vampire? After being around for hundreds of years?

Justin: Yeah you would think so.  Plus it seems that Bellafleur woman from last week's episode also has some sort of relationship with him too, so there's no real telling.  I do like him as the king though, and the fact that he sent Eric out to deal with the witches.  I like that they hate each other, but he clearly think Eric's the only on who can handle it (It's kind of like Jack and Sawyer in the later half of LOST).  Lafayette and Jesus (Hey-Soos) seem to be getting in a little over their heads with those witches to boot.  I wouldn't be surprised if Jesus turns bad either.  But what about Sam and his Shifter buddies, did they foreshadow that Sam is going to kill his little brother?  If a Shifter kills a Shifter they're related to then they can shift into another human.  I really wonder where all these rules for the different supernaturals come from.  Is it the writers just saying, "Oh and hey and now they can do this!"  I know Mallory didn't watch the show, but that's why I quit watching Heroes (as did the rest of the world).

Mallory: I am glad to see the witches vs. Eric thing coming into play because it unites two different story threads. Every major character having their own thing going doesn't work for me. At least this way the vampires' story is combined with Lafayette's (and maybe Tara's?). Eric may be my favorite character. I like that he's badgood. He always seems to have the upper hand in any situation and ultimately, in his own way, does what he thinks is best. Plus he's really the only thing keeping Sookie relevant at this point. All this episode all she did was run around trying to get Eric to let her have her house back. If she's not careful she'll normal herself out of the show.

Justin:  Speaking of Sookie, we haven't talked about the fact that Crystal and her boyfriend/cousin are turning Jason into a werepanther.  After they do that, the only normal people left are Tara (except now she's a female UFC fighter)  and Arlene and Terry and the baby (which might be the devil).  I think you're right Mallory, this season so far has nothing to do with Sookie.  Then again that's kind of what happens when you leave for a year and come back.  She's not at the same level of importance to them all.  She is going to be more important now that Eric seems to have lost his memory thanks to the witches, she's going to have to rehabilitate the man (I'm sure Bill is going to save her in the first few minutes of next week's).  What do you think?

Mallory: I think it's all crazy, is what I think. I really couldn't care less about Jason or his girlfriend or their compound. Even if they do actually turn him into a... werepanther... I still won't care. His story hasn't been interesting since he went to that weird church camp in the second season. The fact that everyone is something takes them all down several levels of interesting. It seems silly to say this about a show that started telling such a far-fetched story from the beginning, but it's getting ridiculous. So, readers, what were your thoughts on this week's episode?

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02 July 2011

Stay Tuned... Big Shake Up at Glee

There's been a pretty big shake up on the cast of Glee.  Two recurring characters have moved up to season regulars and one has been dropped to the occasional guest spot.  Darren Criss (Blaine) and Harry Shum Jr. (Mike) have had the opportunity of their careers and are now expected to be in just about every episode.  Sadly for Chord Overstreet (Sam) his role has been greatly reduced and it's still only a possibility he will be returning for guests roles.  We just wonder if Chord is on tour with the cast this summer.

Overstreet on the Left is Out

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