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We will be the first to admit we're pop culture junkies. We're aficionados, if you will, of all things film, television, fashion, and literary. We might even know something about a video game or two. If it's a pop culture current event you can throw down 10 bucks that one of us is scouring the web, getting the lowdown. Lately we've found ourselves jonesin' for a place where we can find it all with just one click of the mouse. Have you been there? If you have, look no farther. We're doing the looking, watching, reading and testing for you. Enjoy!

Justin and Mallory live and work in Little Rock, Arkansas.  They met at the Little Rock Film Festival in May of 2008 and shortly afterwards began to date.  Two and half years later they decided to take a new step in their relationship and start the blog Have You Been There.  Both have an interest in everything popular culture and hope to bring their unique perspectives to this blog.
Mallory O'Neal works at a local television station in the creative services department and does some on-air work. She's a graduate of the University of Arkansas with a degree in journalism, and is an aspiring photographer.  Mallory was recently a featured extra in the film The Last Ride.

Justin Nickels works in politics in Arkansas.  He's a graduate of the University of Central Arkansas with a degree in filmmaking.  Justin has worked on a variety of television shows, movies and documentaries including Shotgun StoriesProject Runway,  & PBS Frontline.

Recently Mallory and Justin wrote the short film Europa.  It was shot in August of 2010 and is expected to be released in Summer of 2011.  It is the first 3D narrative film to be shot in the state of Arkansas.  They are currently working on several new scripts they hope to see go into production soon.

As of October 15, 2011 they are married!

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