31 August 2011

New Trailer for Controversial Director's Latest

Here's the second trailer for Lars Von Trier's latest film starring Kirsten Dunst. While the biggest buzz this film had at Cannes was Trier's odd/unfortunate Nazi comments, Dunst won the award for best actress at the festival. Melancholia looks to be extremely interesting.

Keep in mind this film will probably be extremely heavy and controversial when it comes out in a month.

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So, lately? I've been struck with an intense desire to travel. In fact, last night, while on the phone with a long lost friend, the conversation quickly turned from typical catch-up-chit-chat to our shared need to visit a foreign land. Discovering my mom's recently added pinboard (somewhat) bombastically titled "Been There, Done That" did not help the cause. It only reinforced that I've got some catching up to do. WARNING: do not click that link unless your ego is in need of thorough deflation. Seriously. You think you've visited a lot of fun places? My mom is one well-traveled lady.

It does seem that several of my top picks are in serious states of unrest and possibly not safe at the moment (I'm talking to you, Egypt). However, a girl can dream, right? These are my current top ten need-to-see-before-I-die locales...

1. Mykonos, Greece
2. Tokyo, Japan
3. Cairo, Egypt
4. Barcelona, Spain
5. Marrakech, Morocco
6. Cinque Terre, Italy
7. Nantes, France
8. New Delhi, India
9. Tahiti
10. Jerusalem, Israel

I'm really curious, where are some places that are on your bucket list?

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29 August 2011

ICYMI: Weekend Roundup

In case your weekend was as busy as ours, here are a few things from the past few days that you might have missed...

Promo Art for The Avengers!

Last night the first teaser trailer for next year's The Hunger Games debuted at the VMA's.  The movie is based off the highly successful book trilogy of the same name, and some say they hope it will take the place of Harry Potter.  We have yet to read the books, but surely one of us will before the movie is out.  Check it out below:

Beyonce took advantage of this year's VMAs to announce that she and Jay-Z will be bringing a new little musician into the world. Justin predicted that a little Z/Knowles baby might be in the works after hearing multiple references to his "future children" on Jay-Z's collaboration with Kanye, Watch the Throne. Take a look at Beyonce, all aglow with her pregnant self. Gorgeous, as usual. 
Beyonce baby bump borrowed from here.
Speaking of the VMAs, Katy Perry walked away with the show's biggest award- Video of the Year for her song, "Firework" right after tying the record set by Michael Jackson for most number one singles from one album. Not bad for an album's work.

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25 August 2011

Black Hole Eating a Star

NASA says that a star recently (well 3.4 billion years ago, but to us it happened earlier this year) came too close to a black hole. This is apparently the first time it's ever been recorded in history. NASA has put out an animation of what it most likely looked like. Pretty cool stuff!

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24 August 2011

Muppet Manicure for Moi?

Well this seems to be Muppet week on Have You Been There?. But with the movie coming out, it's not just us and OK Go! who are jumping on the muppet bandwagon. OPI has taken advantage of the currently polish-obsessed ladies of the world to kill two birds with one stone (not you, Sam). Yeah, OPI has a Muppet inspired line of polishes. And you know Miss Piggy has more than one shade and they're all fabulous. Would you don these fun hues?

all photos borrowed from InStyle

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23 August 2011

New OK Go Video of The Muppet Show Theme

Get ready for the new Muppets Movie this November!

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17 August 2011

Quick Hit: Woman in Black Trailer

Here's the first trailer for Daniel Radcliffe's first post Harry Potter role. Looks a little creepy.

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16 August 2011

Brand New Music Video from Lady Gaga, "You and I"

Remember this is a Lady Gaga video so you'll want to be careful watching it at work.

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Quick Hit: Another New Trailer for Immortals

<a href='http://movies.msn.com/movies/movie-trailers/#/video/fba6e5d7-fd0d-43b5-b51c-18d8f51cab37' target='_new' title='&#39;Immortals&#39; Trailer' >Video: &#39;Immortals&#39; Trailer</a>

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15 August 2011

Mid-Afternoon Cool: Brooklyn in Slow-Mo

8 Hours in Brooklyn from Next Level Pictures on Vimeo.

This video has been making the rounds on Twitter today. Be sure to check it out. Click over to Alltop.com for more info.

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14 August 2011

It's Halle Berry's Birthday!

all photos borrowed from pinterest
Halle Berry and I share a birthday. By the way, I thought for a while about how to start this post. What do you say about your own birthday? It's too exciting of a thing not to share, but then again everyone has one so is it really that exciting? I decided the most important thing you could take away from this post is that Halle Berry and I share one. So I think that makes mine a LITTLE extra exciting, yes? 

My 25th crept up at a sort of bad time this year. Don't get me wrong, August is absolutely the best month ever to have a birthday. I highly suggest you try having yours in August some time, but this particular August has just been so cram packed full of stuff I'm just not sure now's a good time for a birthday. Nothing against birthdays or anything, but when you're getting married in two-months-plus-one-day and you've just bought a house and spend every spare second trying to turn it into the cutest little one ever, you might find that you forget you even have a birthday. 

GASP! I know, right? "But Mallory!" you're thinking, "How could one forget her own birthday?" It used to be that by the end of summer I was needing some certain day to come along and be only mine and make me feel special. I will reluctantly admit that I loved the facebook birthday wishes and texts and calls. (Ok, I will not-so-reluctantly admit that I still love those things.) However this year I've been so absolutely blessed. I'm getting married! In two-months-plus-one-day to the person God chose for me way before I was even born. I have my own house! To which I can do whatever I deem fit to turn into a home. I have an excited and supportive family which has been a lifesaver in the cases of both of those two previous blessings. When you've got such amazing things running through your mind they might just take up too much space in there for a birthday to fit too. So I forgot. 

Happy birthday, Halle Berry. I hope you forgot yours this year too.

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13 August 2011

Have You Been There? San Antonio

Justin here,  I had the opportunity to be in San Antonio this week (hence no Entourage or True Blood posts yet, as well as no review of Watch the Throne).  Even though I was here for work I was able to take in many sights that define America's 7th largest city.  I also unintentionally stayed in the same hotel as the Dallas Cowboys while they were here in town for their training camp, and I apologize I don't have any pictures with them.  Among the people I saw speak this week were new presidential candidate Gov. Rick Perry, Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino, and the crew of astronauts on the final space shuttle mission.  It was all extremely interesting and informative.  Here are some of the photos!

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11 August 2011

Honeymoon Wish List

I know the summer is winding down and, as far as fashion goes, everyone's got visions of fall clothing dancing in their heads. However, this girl's got a honeymoon coming up and I just don't see fur or plaid really working for the beach. Just because it's supposed to be a relaxing break from the stress of wedding planning/having, that doesn't mean we can't relax in style. Bonus- fall beach trips are amazing because you can pick out (or lust after, in my case) all the great summer fashions just in time for them to go on sale. Here are a few things I wouldn't mind taking along for the ride (provided my budget was unlimited of course).

Pachacuti Fedora: $90
Juicy Couture Playsuit: $150
Marc Jacobs Tote: $400
Marni Scarf: $305
Belle Sigerson Morrison Peep Toe Wedge: $325

Tom Ford Rickie Sunglasses: $395
Mara Hoffman Bikini: $194
Sigerson Morrison Sandals: $262.50
Tory Burch Tote: $195
Diane von Furstenberg Cover Up: $147.50
Felix Ray Umbrella: $80

Diane von Furstenberg Clutch: $495
Juliet & Company Earrings: $32
Kenneth Jay Lane Cuff: $450
Tory Burch Sandals: $325
T-Bags Maxi Dress: $235

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08 August 2011

Fly Away Eye

If you've ever had your morning ruined by an attempt at creating a winged eye gone awry, you're not alone. It's a tough look to master but definitely worth the patience and practice it takes. Here's my tutorial on how to get the perfect winged eye!

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07 August 2011

Well Accessorized

A few weeks ago the lovely ladies at Angel Court Jewels had a giveaway. If you've somehow managed to miss their fabulous offerings, you should definitely check them out. You'll thank me. So I should let you know that I don't win things. Really, I tried with the lottery last week. I did not win decades of dollars. So can you imagine how elated I was when I found out that yours truly was the winner of these lovely, coveted Angel Court earrings? I'm totally wearing them every day forever. Thanks Courtney and Angela!

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05 August 2011

First Photos of Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises

From Collider.Com
The first set photos of Anne Hathaway's Selina Kyle/Catwoman are out.  Some websites speculate if this is the full costume or not, but we'll see.  It's kind of crazy that Nolan would let all these set photos get leaked lately (We've seen Bane and now this).  It's enough to make us think that this is more likely at some mid point of the movie.  Pretty cool how it's in the middle of fake snow when at least here there have been 113 degree days.  For more check out this link over at Collider.

Also here's the official photo:

Silly? Maybe?

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04 August 2011

This is what a Brit looks like as Superman

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02 August 2011

Marshmallow Mani

My cousin is getting married this weekend and the fam could not be more ecstatic (the girl he's marrying is beautiful and sweet and fun...  I could go on). In preparation for these nuptials there have been mani/pedis all around! I think our extended family has been rotating in and out of a certain nail salon all week and don't think that the guys have been excluded. As keeper of the guestbook, today was my day to become initiated into the grooming brigade. Once I got to the salon I took a cue from the bride and went with a classic and clean yet unique look. I quickly found myself polished in a semi-transparent marshmallow color by none other than Essie.

I love that it's sheer enough to show the white tips of your nails through the polish. It's like a new take on the french manicure. And pretty perfect for a summer wedding, no? What do you think? Any other ideas for a classy, but cool and modern wedding nail look?

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01 August 2011

Stay Tuned... Entourage Season 8 Episode 2


Justin:  So we're a fourth of the way through the final season of Entourage now.  Word to the wise, never cross Ari Gold.  We'll get back to that though.

So far this season seems to be a breath of fresh air compared to last year's.  There's not too much negativity (Vince isn't spiraling out of control), and the negativity there is seems to be bringing out the best traits in their characters that we've sorely missed (the whole crossing Ari Gold thing).  There's been a lot of talk about the boys ending up back in NYC at the end of the show, back where they started.  After Sloan and E hooked back up, she calls him sadly telling him that she's moving to NYC.  Something tells me that this won't be the end of their relationship (even though I hope it's not something that is settled in the much talked about, but unlikely to happen movie).  

When it comes to Vince and Johnny the big thing is getting this mining disaster movie of the week starring Johnny and directed by Vince off the ground.  I really like that Vince took it to Billy Walsh and how Billy explained to him how it was going to hurt to critique it.  I'm not sure how I feel about Andrew Dice Clay trying to get Johnny to walk on the show, I feel like that will come back to haunt them.

Now to the best part of this show, and the whole never cross Ari Gold thing.  Every single male loves Ari Gold and has this desire to emulate him, the only problem is that 98% of all males aren't a high powered Hollywood agent.  He can instantly cuss anyone out and knock everyone down a level, only because he feels that if you can handle it you're a stronger person and he wants you on his team.  While last season this got him into a lot of trouble, we, the viewers, know that Ari's got the biggest heart of any character on this show.  He loves his family to death and will do anything in his power for them, it's what makes him so great.  So when he finds out that his wife might be dating the lowly waiter at her least favorite restaurant in all of LA (thanks to Lloyd's detective work) he does what any man in that situation would do.  He finds out this lowly waiter has an audition to be on Mad Men and has Lloyd get a hold of them and completely ruins this kids career. HA!
 Mrs. Ari shows up at the agency and tells him to fix that problem he created.  Turns out she's not dating him after all.  She's dating the restaurant's chef. Bobby Flay (side note, Ari owns the restaurant).  So what does Ari declare? "Bobby Flay is now my sworn enemy."  One of his best lines (and now one of my favorite quotes).  He instructs his entire office to make a point to ruin his career, hilarious, and noble.  (Bobby Flay is married in real life)

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