30 November 2011

Young Adult Movie Review

Tonight we were privileged to catch a sneak preview of Jason Reitman's latest film, Young Adult.  Reitman re-teamed with Juno screenwriter, Diablo Cody, for this one.  It stars Charlize Theron in one of her meanest roles ever as Mavis Gary a young adult book ghostwriter living it up in Minneapolis who passes out drunk every night to E! reality shows like Kendra and Keeping up with the Kardashians.  One day she's decided she's had enough of it and needs to get back with her high school sweetheart Buddy Slade.  These days Buddy's married and has a newborn daughter, but that's not going to stand in the way of Mavis.

Mavis is a terrible person, and almost always completely oblivious to how terrible of a person she is.  The one person who is seeing through all of this is Patton Oswalt who plays Matt Freehauf, the kid beat up by jocks in high school for being gay, even though he was straight.

We both really enjoyed this film.  Theron does a really good job of playing someone completely unlikable, yet you still somewhat root for her to get away with it all. She was somehow able to convincingly revert back to high school days and totally channel the mean girls. A few of her icy glares even made us, in the audience, sorry for whatever we must've said. While Up in the Air is still probably Reitman's best film and Juno kicked off the whole "awkward is funny" shtick of the last 5 years, this film is refreshingly cynical and honest.

There's been talk of Oscar buzz for this film.  It doesn't seem likely to win best picture, but with the potential for ten nominations and the Academy's love for Reitman, it wouldn't be shocking if it's at least nominated.  The main fault with it is that it might even be too short and with Theron in every single scene you can't take your eyes away from her great performance.  Another thing to note is her great chemistry with Patton Oswalt (you know, the goofy guy from King of Queens that isn't in all the Adam Sandler movies), something about their relationship is special.  Try to see this film when it comes out on December 16th. Here's the trailer for this dark comedy:

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Grammy Nominations for 2011

Record of the Year: "Rolling in the Deep," Adele; "Holocene," Bon Iver; "Grenade," Bruno Mars; "The Cave," Mumford & Sons; "Firework," Katy Perry.
Album of the Year: "21," Adele; "Wasting Light," Foo Fighters; "Born This Way," Lady Gaga; "Doo-Wops & Hooligans," Bruno Mars; "Loud," Rihanna.
Song of the Year: "All of the Lights," Jeff Bhasker, Malik Jones, Warren Trotter and Kanye West, songwriters (performed by Kanye West, Rihanna, Kid Cudi and Fergie); "The Cave," Ted Dwane, Ben Lovett, Marcus Mumford and Country Winston, songwriters (Mumford & Sons); "Grenade," Brody Brown, Claude Kelly, Philip Lawrence, Ari Levine, Bruno Mars and Andrew Wyatt, songwriters (Bruno Mars); "Holocene," Justin Vernon, songwriter (Bon Iver); "Rolling in the Deep," Adele Adkins & Paul Epworth, songwriters (Adele).
New Artist: The Band Perry, Bon Iver, J. Cole, Nicki Minaj, Skrillex.
Pop Vocal Album: "21," Adele; "The Lady Killer," Cee Lo Green; "Born This Way," Lady Gaga; "Doo-Wops & Hooligans," Bruno Mars; "Loud," Rihanna.
Rock Album: "Rock 'n' Roll Party Honoring Les Paul," Jeff Beck; "Wasting Light," Foo Fighters; "Come Around Sundown," Kings of Leon; "I'm With You," Red Hot Chili Peppers; "The Whole Love," Wilco.
R&B Album: "F.A.M.E.," Chris Brown; "Second Chance," El DeBarge; "Love Letter," R. Kelly; "Pieces of Me," Ledisi; "Kelly," Kelly Price.
Rap Album: "Watch the Throne," Jay-Z and Kanye West; "Tha Carter IV," Lil Wayne; "Lasers," Lupe Fiasco; "Pink Friday," Nicki Minaj; "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy," Kanye West.
Country Album: "My Kinda Party," Jason Aldean; "Chief," Eric Church; "Own the Night," Lady Antebellum; "Red River Blue," Blake Shelton; "Here for a Good Time," George Strait; "Speak Now," Taylor Swift.
Latin Pop, Rock or Urban Album: "Entren Los Que Quieran," Calle 13; "Entre La Ciudad y El Mar," Gustavo Galindo; "Nuestra," La Vida BohGeme; "Not So Commercial," Los Amigos Invisibles; "Drama y Luz," ManDa.
Jazz Vocal Album: "`Round Midnight," Karrin Allyson; "The Mosaic Project," Terri Lyne Carrington & Various Artists; "The Gate," Kurt Elling; "American Road," Tierney Sutton (Band); "The Music of Randy Newman," Roseanna Vitro.
Contemporary Classical Composition: "Elmer Gantry," RobertAldridge and Herschel Garfein; "The Ghosts of Alhambra," George Crumb; "String Quartet No. 3," Jefferson Friedman; "Lonely Motel-Music from Slide," Steven Mackey; "Piano Concerto No. 2," Poul Ruders.

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29 November 2011

Bon Iver "Perth" Short Film

For Bon Iver's latest album, Bon Iver, all ten tracks have been turned into short films and released with the deluxe edition out today.  Here's one of them.

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26 November 2011

Post Thanksgiving Gray Day

Bouse- Gemma, Vest- Vintage {Grandmother's}, Shorts- Forever 21, Tights- Target, Boots- Antonio Melani, Necklaces- Old and All Saints Spitalfields, Lipstick- Nars {Flamenco}

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Florence and the Machine Covers Drake

It's always a great thing when famous musicians cover over famous musicians' work. Especially when they take it seriously and aren't just trying to make a joke about it at the expense of the other. Florence and the Machine recently covered a Drake and Rihanna song on the BBC and it sounds pretty awesome. Check it out below!

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25 November 2011

The Lost Art of Music Video-Making

We came across this music video by Best Coast the other day on Palladia and it really caught our attention. It seems like so many music videos these days are about showcasing the artist and how well they can "shake they moneymaker." But I've always been partial to those that tell a mini story. If it's a tragic story (like in this case), I'll be your music-video-watching slave. Directed by none other than Ms. Drew Barrymore, Our Deal is absolutely worth the almost-four minutes. Check it out!

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23 November 2011

Netflix for Thanksgiving

Justin Here. It's been months since I've done a Gems of Netflix post, but I thought that Thanksgiving Weekend is a good time for people to catch up on some films they've maybe missed, or never even heard of.  It's also a good time to watch some awesome classics.

1. The Terminator - There's nothing like watching a low budget, violent masterpiece by James Cameron.  This is the movie that turned Arnold Schwarzenegger into a star and made everyone afraid of what would later become the internet.  It's the precursor to the allegorical Terminator 2: Judgement Day from 1991.  The story is simple, the evil artificial intelligence Skynet has developed time travel technology to send back a Terminator robot (Schwarzenegger) to kill the mother of John Connor, Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton).  The human resistance from the future has thankfully stolen this time travel technology and sent back Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn) to protect Sarah.  The film itself is somewhat of a slasher film and definitely an action film.  Perfect for Thanksgiving.

2.  La Femme Nikita - Nope we're not talking about the USA show from the nineties or the CW show that's on right now.  We're talking about Luc Beson's (The Professional, The Fifth Element) film about taking a street thug off the street and turning her into an assassin for some nefarious espionage organization.  The film is in French and subtitled, but that shouldn't be too off putting.  If you want you could watch the American remake Point of No Return starring Bridgett Fonda but I've never seen that and believe it's not as good.

3.  The Game - David Fincher's follow up to Se7en is often forgotten.  It's a tense ride starring Michael Douglas and Sean Penn that has a great twist at the end.  Douglas plays a wealthy investment banker who is given a gift to play an augmented reality type game.  The lines blur between the game and reality as this psychological thriller winds it's twisty path.  This being a Thanksgiving list I thought it would be important to have a family film on the list (Douglas and Penn being brothers in this film).

4. CQ - Roman Coppola's (son of Francis, brother of  Sophia, cousin of Nicolas Cage and Jason Schwartzman) directorial debut is as much a film about making films in the sixties in Paris as it is a sixties sci-fi film. It stars Jeremy Davies (LOST) as a young second AD who is suddenly given the reins to a feature science fiction film. Also it's got Billy Zane, he's a cool dude.

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22 November 2011

Quick Hit: Matte Red Nails

Just wanted to share the matte red look my nails are sporting today!

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Two Unreleased Radiohead Tracks.

Want to hear some unreleased Radiohead tracks?  How about some unreleased tracks from 1986?  Well here you go!

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20 November 2011

For Those About to Rock...

Here is a sample of what we've each been listening to lately. We may have gone a little hipster on you in this round (Justin!), but we highly recommend that you check out our offerings. They're worth getting to know. Promise!

Mallory's Playlist (click here to listen!)
  1. The Pipettes- "Pull Shapes"
  2. Sleigh Bells- "Infinity Guitars"
  3. MGMT- "The Youth"
  4. Little Boots- "Meddle"
  5. Robyn- "Call Your Girlfriend"
  6. Matt & Kim- "Cameras"
  7. Bodies of Water- "I Guess I'll Forget the Sound"
  8. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour- "The Golden Age"
Justin's Playlist (click here to listen!)
  1. M83 - "Midnight City
  2. Awolnation - "Sail"
  3. Bon Iver - "Towers"
  4. School of Seven Bells - "Half Asleep
  5. John Legend - "Everbody Knows (RAC Mix)"
  6. Washed Out - "New Theory (RAC Mix)"
  7. Other Lives - "For 12"
  8.  Florence + The Machine - "Shake it Out"

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18 November 2011

There's A Lot of Water on Europa

It seems that NASA scientist have discovered really large lakes of water on Jupiter's moon Europa.  The lakes are just under the ice.  Some of the exciting things about this is that this increases the chances that there are microbial life forms on the moon.  NASA has said that the only way to be sure would be to send a probe there.  The reason we're so excited about this is that we wrote a short film called Europa that is currently in post.  We've mentioned it here a few times, but it's a 3D sci-fi short, so the post production process of making another moon is quite tedious, especially when they have to do it twice for every single shot.  Look for it sometime next year!

On the Set of Europa from Left: Director of Photograph Chris Churchill, Director Bruce Hutchinson and Actor Warren McCullough

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17 November 2011

Dress Up

So I guess I've come to the conclusion that Polyvore is like digital window shopping and that's why I'm so addicted. You're provided an endless supply of fabulous clothes and you don't have to commit to a single item. You get to make the fun ensembles without the mess of having to spend the money to get that $1,800 vintage Chanel watch. I could lose hours and hours finding new inspiration and creating. It makes a stylist out of all of us, doesn't it? But enough of my swooning, here are a few of my latest creations!

(And just in case you want to see more {or follow me!}, click here!)

Fringe featuring leather shorts
Champagne Holiday
Champagne Holiday featuring a plaid coat
Werelse Bronze
Werelse Bronze featuring printed shirts
A Punch of Pink
A Punch of Pink featuring a smoking jacket

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Muppets Parody Saw

Lately with the upcoming Muppets movie there has been a ton of marketing materials coming out that parody other projects (see above). They've also been releasing quite a few parody trailers including a Green Lantern one (when it was released I think they predicted it being a bigger hit).  Now the Muppets have released a Saw parody which is surprisingly grim, but still very fun.

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16 November 2011

Meet Marcel {the shell}

Diana Agron introduced him to me (and anyone else who subscribes to her on facebook. I love Glee, what can I say?). I'm so glad she did. I sat at my desk and SQUEALED with delight watching these two videos. And then I watched them again. Seriously. Watch them, share them, quote them. Think of them when you're having a bad day. To borrow the words of Diana, "I die for Marcel the Shell." You're welcome for showing him to you.

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Snow White vs. Snow White

Man, Snow White fever seems to be captivating the masses, huh? I've already caught it by way of Once Upon A Time. (I'm going to pause here for a second to request that you all watch it Sunday nights at 7:00 on ABC. It seems like an extremely expensive show to produce and I'd rather it not get cancelled due to expenses. Thanks!)

You probably know that there are two different film versions set to come out nxt year. They will pit Charlize Theron and Julia Roberts against each other as The Evil Queen, while the duel for best Snow White is quite disenchanting (Kristen Stewart and Lily Collins if you were wondering.)

While Snow White and the Huntsman looks to be intense and geared toward a broad audience, Mirror Mirror comes off as a bit slapstick and whimsical. Based on the trailers alone, I'll be in the Snow White and the Huntsman camp. What do you think?

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Q & A with Bellflower Director Evan Glodell

The Little Rock Film Festival has been doing a lot of great things lately including the Argenta Film Series and the upcoming Little Rock Horror Picture Show.  At last week's film series screening the LRFF showed Evan Glodell's debut feature film, Bellflower (now available on home video).  Bellflower was a big hit at Sundance and SXSW this year.  Below is LRFF Programmer Levi Agee's post screening Q & A with Evan.  You can also see Levi's review of Bellflower here.


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We've been married a month now and we're still coming down from the wedding/honeymoon/newlywed high. I thought that I'd share one of my favorite things about the whole thing- our paper elements. The reason these stick out in my mind among all the parts that make up a wedding is because this particular part was super personal. And the reason they were so personal is because they were made by me. Hope you have as much fun looking at them as I did putting them together!

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15 November 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

Justin here.  For my birthday this year my wife Mallory got us tickets to see Radiohead in March.  In honor of that here's a Deadmau5 remix of their song Codex.

Radiohead - Codex (deadmau5 cover) by ----mylife

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14 November 2011

Set Your DVRs

Turner Classic Movies is starting their new series AFI: Master Class tomorrow night (Nov. 15) at 8/7 central.

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Pumpkin Cupcakes

Justin's birthday is tomorrow (!) and, to celebrate, we got some friends together on Friday, which also happened to be the day that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II came out on blu ray. Being the huge Harry Potter fans that we are, I decided to make "pumpkin juice" cupcakes to ring in birthday/viewing party. 

I used this recipe, which honestly, isn't even a recipe. It's two ingredients: cake mix and canned pumpkin. Mix them together, plop the batter into a muffin tin and throw it in the oven. Seriously.

Since the cupcake was so easy, I decided to up the homemade factor by making my own frosting. I used this recipe with a couple of adjustments. I halved the recipe and it made enough to frost 10 of my 12 cupcakes. I also subbed half of the sugar with Splenda brown sugar blend and used light cream cheese (which is a given if you know me at all). Even my "healthier" version came out super yummy. It was the perfect topper to the subtle pumpkin flavor in the cupcakes. I finished them off with a little bit of gold sanding sugar to add a touch of *magic*

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13 November 2011

Time Lapse Video From Space Station... AWESOME

Earth | Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over | NASA, ISS from Michael König on Vimeo.

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10 November 2011


So far, the best part about having a guy roomate husband is the fact that he basically doubled my closet. I  learned this on the first day of our honeymoon when I realized I packed a cardigan to wear on the plane, but no shirt to wear under it. He swooped in and saved the day with a t-shirt of his which went perfectly and was so incredibly comfortable.

Bad move.

I struck again this week when I saw a brand new shirt of his sitting there, tags and all, just BEGGING to be worn. He bought it a couple of weeks ago, got it home, and then didn't touch it again. I threw it on over a pair of leggings, belted it and went out to model the look.

His reaction? "Is that my shirt?" and then, "Have you been planning this?" Why yes I have. I am always plotting.

Shirt- Zara Men, Jacket- BCBG, Belt- Target, Shoes- Marc Jacobs, Necklace- All Saints Spitalfields

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09 November 2011

LRFF Programmer Levi Agee on the Film Bellflower

I’ve been following Evan Glodell’s debut film Bellflower ever since its premiere at Sundance earlier this year in January. Something about the film really struck me as being unique in the pile of Indies that hit the festival circuit every year. Let’s face it. It’s probably the black muscle car with flamethrowers named Medusa that appears in the trailer. The car is just one aspect of the preparation for the apocalypse the main two characters are obsessed with. Evan plays Woodrow, a twenty-somethingCalifornia transplant from Wisconsin who is best friends with Aiden who can guzzle down a pitcher of beer by himself when need be—mostly to impress chicks.
That is where the film starts off with Woodrow and Aiden impressing a group of girls at bar. Ready to have a good time Woodrow is paired against Milly, a cute blonde female that could be described as a firecracker, to see who can eat the most crickets for a measly 50-dollar gift certificate. After the contest, Woodrow is smitten by her brazen personality and asks if he can take her out to dinner and she complies.
The two begin a relationship that really is the heart of the film. The relationship could have gone down any various route of Hollywood clichés with the first date but Milly wants Woodrow to take her to the filthiest, scariest hole in the wall he’s ever been to.  This lets Woodrow and us know she’s not what we expected. The film itself reveals itself much the same way. I was expecting a Mad Max inspired spinoff of testosterone and Jackass-style shenanigans which the film features but totally undermines the journey and tragedy of the characters.
Bellflower explores the id of the American male and the reality that what desire most can be dangerous. Although Woodrow and Aidan’s apocalypse isn’t manifested in brimstone, fallen skyscrapers or arena-style cage matches to the death, the trappings of love and jealousy are just as treacherous. The best part of this film is Woodrow’s transformation not only physically but emotionally and psychologically. By the last frame of the film I barely recognized him as the clean-shaven happy-go-lucky guy from the first part of the movie. It’s difficult to imagine it is the same actor but that’s what any great film or TV series should be able to do: take a character you think you know or love and have life and all its forces shape them into something without it seeming forced or unearned.
The film itself is art imitates life in the sense that the movie was shot on a custom made camera that the filmmakers built themselves, a camera called the Coatwolf Model II. Throughout the film we see various builds and stages of production of the flamethrowers and pyrotechnics that the characters are developing similarly titled Medusa Model I. It is interesting to note that the filmmakers could be perceived as reckless as their subjects as during the production the low-budget crew risked an explosion if the working flamethrower exhaust malfunctioned. There is even a report of the flames from the Medusa car almost burning down power lines in the area they were filming. Autobiographical or not Bellflower comes off truly authentic or at least earnest in the films portrayal of the inherent danger in living your fantasies on or off screen.
The film is much like riding in a fast car, at times nerve-wracking and seemingly out of control but mostly adrenaline inducing titillation and addictive. I’m ready for the sequel Bellflower: Beyond Thunderdome.
Evan Glodell will be in attendance at the screening on November 9th at 6:00 p.m. as a part of the Little Rock Film Festival’s Argenta Film Series at the Argenta Community Theater in North Little Rock.

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07 November 2011


Remember this post? Remember how this was something I was "definitely going to try?" Well I think God wanted me to know that today was the day to disassemble the old girl because as I was curling this morning, her lever broke. I have to say, I like her better leverless! It gives a totally different looking curl and is super easy to do! Here are my results!

I'm curious, are you ready to take the screwdriver to your curling iron?

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Lovin' Lace

Last month when we were in LA, we did a little bit of shopping, as visitors to LA are wont to do. One thing I was a little bit surprised to find around every corner was lace. Lace dresses, lace skirts, lace tops,  lace underthings, lace everything. It's a little bit irresistible, no? So feminine and fun, but edgy when paired with leather or metals. And it transitions perfectly from day to night with just a few changes of accessories. So if you've got some old lace hanging out in the back of your closet, now's the time to pull it back out! Or if you're looking to revamp your wardrobe, a lace piece or two definitely wouldn't hurt!

1. Lace Skirt, Zara $39.90
2. Lace Tee, TopShop $34
3. Dahlia Lace Cutout Dress, Marc Jacobs $298
4. Lace Woven Jacquard Short, Free People $88
5. Lace Body-Con Dress, Asos $80.87
6. Hawthorne Lace Top, $118 Patterson J. Kincaid

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04 November 2011


I stumbled across the most brilliant advice ever yesterday. If you lose hours watching hair and makeup tutorials online like I do, you've probably seen a chic lady who has got the surfer girls waves down perfect telling you how super easy it is and all you need is a curling wand. Well, that's just fine if you have an extra $175 laying around for hair tools. If you don't, there is a way around it! Every girl I know has a regular curling iron, but you just don't get the same effect with one. This fantastic trick I learned yesterday? You can turn your boring old curling iron into a curling wand! And then back into a curling iron if you want! Kudos to the beauty department on this one, because this is something I'll definitely try!

originally found here

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Rupert Grint Lipsyncs Music Video

It seems the Harry Potter star did this as a favor to his friend Ed Sheeran (the actual singer).

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03 November 2011

Clip from The Muppets

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New 007 Title Revealed

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02 November 2011

Mindy Kaling's RomCom Archetypes

You probably know that Mindy Kaling plays Kelly Kapoor on "The Office." If you're a fan, you probably also know that she's a writer for the show. What you may not know is that she is quite the fan of Romantic Comedies. So much so, that she put together a little index of women who exist only in the minds of RomCom writers. She wrote it for the New Yorker and she was dead. on. So without further ado...

The Klutz

Kristen Bell, When in Rome via
When a beautiful actress is cast in a movie, executives rack their brains to find some kind of flaw in the character she plays that will still allow her to be palatable. She can’t be overweight or not perfect-looking, because who would pay to see that? A female who is not one hundred per cent perfect-looking in every way? You might as well film a dead squid decaying on a beach somewhere for two hours.
So they make her a Klutz.
The hundred-per-cent-perfect-looking female is perfect in every way except that she constantly bonks her head on things. She trips and falls and spills soup on her affable date (Josh Lucas. Is that his name? I know it’s two first names. Josh George? Brad Mike? Fred Tom? Yes, it’s Fred Tom). The Klutz clangs into stop signs while riding her bike and knocks over giant displays of fine china in department stores. Despite being five feet nine and weighing a hundred and ten pounds, she is basically like a drunk buffalo who has never been a part of human society. But Fred Tom loves her anyway.

The Ethereal Weirdo

Drew Barrymore, 50 First Dates via
The smart and funny writer Nathan Rabin coined the term Manic Pixie Dream Girl to describe this archetype after seeing Kirsten Dunst in the movie “Elizabethtown.” This girl can’t be pinned down and may or may not show up when you make concrete plans with her. She wears gauzy blouses and braids. She likes to dance in the rain and she weeps uncontrollably if she sees a sign for a missing dog or cat. She might spin a globe, place her finger on a random spot, and decide to move there. The Ethereal Weirdo appears a lot in movies, but nowhere else. If she were from real life, people would think she was a homeless woman and would cross the street to avoid her. But she is essential to the male fantasy that even if a guy is boring he deserves a woman who will find him fascinating and perk up his dreary life by forcing him to go skinny-dipping in a stranger’s pool.

The Woman Who Is Obsessed with Her Career and Is No Fun at All

Sandra Bullock, The Proposal via
I regularly work sixteen hours a day. Yet, like most people I know who are similarly busy, I’m a pleasant, pretty normal person. But that’s not how working women are depicted in movies. I’m not always barking orders into my hands-free phone device and yelling, “I have no time for this!” Often, a script calls for this uptight career woman to “relearn” how to seduce a man, and she has to do all sorts of crazy degrading crap, like eat a hot dog in a sexy way or something. And since when does holding a job necessitate that a woman pull her hair back in a severe, tight bun? Do screenwriters think that loose hair makes it hard to concentrate?

The Forty-two-Year-Old Mother of the Thirty-Year-Old Male Lead

If you think about the backstory of a typical mother character in a romantic comedy, you realize this: when “Mom” was an adolescent, the very week she started to menstruate she was impregnated with a baby who would grow up to be the movie’s likable brown-haired leading man. I am fascinated by Mom’s sordid early life. I would rather see this movie than the one I bought a ticket for.
I am so brainwashed by the young-mom phenomenon that when I saw the poster for “The Proposal” I wondered for a second if the proposal in the movie was Ryan Reynolds’ suggesting that he send his mother, Sandra Bullock, to an old-age home.

The Sassy Best Friend

Leslie Mann, Knocked Up via
You know that really hilarious and horny best friend who is always asking about your relationship and has nothing really going on in her own life? She always wants to meet you in coffee shops or wants to go to Bloomingdale’s to sample perfumes? She runs a chic dildo store in the West Village? Nope? O.K., that’s this person.

The Skinny Woman Who Is Beautiful and Toned but Also Gluttonous and Disgusting

Again, I am more than willing to suspend my disbelief for good set decoration alone. One pristine kitchen from a Nancy Meyers movie like “It’s Complicated” compensates for five scenes of Diane Keaton being caught half naked in a topiary. But I can’t suspend disbelief enough, for instance, if the gorgeous and skinny heroine is also a ravenous pig when it comes to food. And everyone in the movie—her parents, her friends, her boss—are all complicit in this huge lie. They constantly tell her to stop eating. And this actress, this poor skinny actress who obviously lost weight to play the likable lead character, has to say things like “Shut up, you guys! I love cheesecake! If I want to eat an entire cheesecake, I will!” If you look closely, you can see this woman’s ribs through the dress she’s wearing—that’s how skinny she is, this cheesecake-loving cow.

The Woman Who Works in an Art Gallery

Jennifer Aniston, The Break Up via
How many freakin’ art galleries are out there? Are people buying visual art on a daily basis? This posh/smart/classy profession is a favorite in movies. It’s in the same realm as kindergarten teacher or children’s-book illustrator in terms of accessibility: guys don’t really get it, but it is likable and nonthreatening.
Art Gallery Woman: “Dust off the Warhol. You know, that Campbell’s Soup one in the crazy color! We have an important buyer coming into town, and this is a really big deal for my career. I have no time for this!”
The Gallery Worker character is the rare female movie archetype that has a male counterpart. Whenever you meet a handsome, charming, successful man in a romantic comedy, the heroine’s friend always says the same thing: “He’s really successful. He’s”—say it with me—“an architect!”
There are, like, nine people in the entire world who are architects, and one of them is my dad. None of them look like Patrick Dempsey.
To read the entire article, click here.

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